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Dated: February 25 2021

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credit repair vero-beach

Do you know, If you have bad credit you have to PAY twice as much for anything. You have to pay more rent because you have bad credit or a higher interest rate. Stop throwing money down the drain.

If you can do it yourself fix or boost your credit here with these tips:

  1. Pay off debt

  2. Pay down any revolving accounts to 15% of their credit limit. I find this to be the best way to get a large bump in the credit.

  3. Authorized user accounts and secured primaries raised someone’s credit score 150+ points in two weeks.

  4. Have a family member or friend adds you to a credit card that has a high limit and hardly anything owing in it. Have the friend or family member just add your client as a signer on their card. It should raise their score by 10-15 points within a week or two.

  5. Add your rent to your credit score is cheaper and faster than actual repair and can give a great boost. It helps fico, so I would say it does. If you don't know, I'll show you where to go!

  6. Pay utilities in time. Get a secured credit card.

  7. Pay off all the little bills first regardless of the interest amount it lowers the number of obligations. That number of open accounts is a major factor in the scoring.

  8. Pay portions of credit cards weekly instead of monthly.

If you need a Credit specialist to help you, The Five Star Credit Group is here to assist you. Give us a call!

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